Present Perfect Inductive Grammar

This worksheet helps students discover the present perfect by getting them to think about how they make it in their native language. It follows the inductive approach to teaching grammar and is designed to be used during the presentation part of a lesson.

Letter Frequency in English

This is a reference worksheet that shows the frequency letters appear in English texts.

I have Who has Game Template

This is an empty template for the I have Who has game. It is in powerpoint so teachers and educators can edit the cards based on what they’re covering in class.


Personality Adjectives

This is a multipurpose worksheet that can fit into many different places of a lesson plan. For example, at the beginning of class, ask students to say their name, age, and one positive thing about themselves by picking an adjective from the worksheet.

Language Timeline: Elementary

This is a reference worksheet that gives a quick overview of an elementary aged student’s English language development. It shows how key language features could be sequenced, and gives a timeline for when to introduce them. This applies only to second language English development and is meant to be a general guide only: every child develops differently.

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