The Carnine Sequence


The Carnine Sequence presents letters in an order that maximizes learner retention. It does this by putting letters together that can be blended to make words (a-m-t-s = mat, sat), and by separating letters that may look or sound the same (d and b). It also prioritizes the most frequently occuring letters.

a, m, t, s, i, f, d, r, o, g, l, h, u, c, b, n, k, v, e, w, j, p, y, x, q, z

A full phonics lesson can be given to students three letters at a time. After warming up with the traditional ABC Song, and reviewing the letters with an alphabet poster, use alphabet flashcards to present students with the three target letters. A full set can be downloaded by clicking the button below.

The next step is to drill the letters with an engaging activity, such as tic tac toe or picture reveal. Tic tac toe boards for all the letters in the Carnine Sequence can be downloaded for free below. Picture reveal and other activities will be available for purchase soon in the Goodesia shop.

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