Writing – Idioms and School Clubs


School Clubs and Idioms is a reading / writing activity designed to engage intermediate English Language Learners with a topic relevant to their lives: school clubs. It comes complete with a hangman template, noticeboard, sunbeam graphic organizer, and step-by-step lesson procedure.


Hello and thank you for your interest in the School Clubs and Idioms activity. The main focus of the activity is the noticeboard, which consists of three advertisements for school clubs and two blank advertisements for the students to fill in. Students begin by thinking about school clubs at their schools and what kind of school club they would like to create if given the opportunity. They then must write an advertisement for a school club using one of the idioms for overcoming challenges.

This activity intersects with the following WIDA Expectations and Common Core Standards:

  • ELD-SI.4-12.Narrate: Share ideas about one’s own and others’ lived experiences and previous learning.
  • ELD-LA.6-8.Inform.Expressive: Introduce and define topic and/or entity for audience.
  • ELD-LA.9-12.Inform.Expressive: Same as above.
  • ELD-LA.6-8.Inform.Expressive: Add precision, details, and clarity about relevant attributes, qualities, characteristics, activities, and behaviors.
  • ELD-LA.9-12.Inform. Expressive: Same as above.
  • CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.9-10.5: Demonstrate understanding of figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.
  • CCSS.ELA-LITERACY.L.9-10.5 A: Interpret figures of speech in context and analyze their role in the text.

This activity was designed with late middle school/ early high school students in mind.

The file is pdf. The activity is easy and low-prep. If the class is online, simply show the noticeboard to the students. They can write their advertisements on paper. If in-person, there are several ways to complete the activity, perhaps the best in my mind being to print a copy off for students to complete in pairs and then hang up around the room for a gallery walk.

The pictures were taken from the website Freepik on a Premium license.

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