Halloween – I have Who has


Halloween – I have Who has is a great way to get your beginning level ESOL students speaking with each other. Not only will they recall their favorite Halloween characters, they will also practice subject-verb agreement in a natural and fun way.

Hi Everybody! Thank you for your interest in Halloween - I have Who has. It was designed with 1st graders in mind, but is also appropriate for kindergartners and 2nd graders as it meets the following standards:

  • CCSS.SL.2.1b - Build on others talk in conversations by linking their comments to the remarks of others.
  • CCSS.SL.1.1b - Build on others talk in conversations by responding to the comments of others through multiple exchanges.
  • CCSS.SL.k.1b - Continue a conversation through multiple exchanges.

The activity can be used as a fun review of the vocabulary after it has been presented.

It is a pdf file. Easy and low-prep. If the class is online, simply show the page and assign a card to each student. The student with the card that says "I begin" reads first and sets the activity in motion. If the class is in-person, just print and cut out the cards. (Laminate to use again next year.)

The pictures on the cards have been taken from the website Freepik on a Premium license. They include a pumpkin, werewolf, black cat, frankenstein, ghost, vampire, mummy, skeleton, and grim reaper.

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