Saturday, July 19th 2020

I taught three classes today: Frontrunner 10, Trailblazer 3, and High Flyers H. Every Saturday since this Coronavirus started, it’s been three, and they’re always the hardest because it’s the last day of the week. Somehow, I barrel through. I’ve been telling myself that it’s just 40 minutes, and that I can make it through a 40 minute class no problem… even though it’s really an hour and a half with a ten minute break… but whatever. It seems to help.

My Frontrunner 10 girls got pretty funny at one point. One of them was having microphone problems so had to use the chat. She kept making these sarcastic comments about things that were making us all laugh. Anyway, when we got into the topic, which was ‘Bad News,’ the girls really just wanted to make fun of everything, so the serious topics got torn apart. Here’s one snip of a conversation:

A: I regret to inform you that a nuclear bomb has gone off. It’s the end of the world.

B: I recommend that we go to a new planet… maybe Mars.

A: I don’t want to go to Mars. I suggest we go to Jupiter.

B: Maybe the aliens can help us…

.tencent class
Screenshot of the role play… EF uses Tencent to deliver their online classes.

After a 15 minute break I dived right into the Trailblazers. It was a complete bust. After about 20 minutes I can tell if the lesson is working, and this one just wasn’t going anywhere. It was the strangest thing though: the students didn’t turn on me. Usually they check out completely and give me the mean boring faces. But these guys kept smiling and working through the tasks. I must have some goodwill stored away with them from somewhere.

Then, the best part of working from home: a two hour break between classes and a bed right next to my desk. I laid back and thought I’d take a nap. Unfortunately, it didn’t take. The other classes had gotten me too worked up to sleep, so I went downstairs, made myself a tea, and started planning my last class.

It ended up being the best one of the day. I saw that July 19 is National Ice Cream Day in the U.S., so I fibbed a little and told them it was International Ice Cream Day. I had them invent an ice cream flavor and draw it. We had “Chili Ice Cream,” “Unicorn Ice Cream,” and “Handphone Ice Cream.” Gotta love the mind of a child..student ice cream

Then we told our ice cream stories:

Javier ice cream story

Well, after all that it was time for my Saturday afternoon walk around Surabaya to try and shake off my stress and tension. Surabaya somehow seems to be more green lately, and with the sun going down and the sky all lit up it feels rather nice taking a walk.

It was interesting, though: apparently, Indonesia has begun spraying motorists with soap from the walkways [eye roll]. I don’t know… maybe it’s effective.


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