The Rule of Sometimes

  This I believe: the rule of sometimes. Always is too long. Never hard to keep. Is there really something out there that is to be believed 100% of the time in every situation? I first asked myself this question when I was asked to define poetry in creative writing class. Of course, there is […]

The Coming Of The New Deal

Flipping through an old Arthur Schlesinger Jr. book at Kupu Kupu Buku Wilda. You could replace “Roosevelt” and “New Dealers” with “Peace Corps” and “Volunteers:” “What Roosevelt gave the New Dealers was an opportunity to put ideas to work. Motives, of course, we’re mixed. For some, it was a job, or a passing enthusiasm, or […]


I remember first arriving in San Francisco for Peace Corps Staging.  I was late.  A storm had been making it’s way across the central United States, and my flight from Chicago was delayed.  After landing, I hurriedly made my way to the shuttle vans and got in the first one I saw.  It was not […]