My Educational History

University of Maryland, Baltimore County – M.A. TESOL with preK-12 certification (2017)

  • Attended on the Shriver Peaceworker Fellowship, a highly competitive fellowship program only available to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers that integrates graduate study, service learning, and an ethical seminar.


My Professional Experience

Peace Corps – TEFL Instructor – Banyuwangi, Indonesia (2011-2014)

UMBC – Lead Instructor for Peace Corps Prep – Baltimore, MD (2015-2017)

English First – TEFL Instructor – Surabaya, Indonesia (2017-present)


My Story

It is hard for me to believe at times, but I have now been a teacher in some capacity for twelve years: first as a tutor, next as a TEFL Volunteer with Peace Corps, then as an intern, and finally as a state certified instructor with English First. Indeed, because of the struggle it was to get through these things successfully, I am extremely proud of the work I’ve completed during my career. It demonstrates why I chose this field in the first place, namely, because of the personal and professional growth that comes from teaching people from different cultures, and the invaluable reward of making a difference in young peoples lives. Professionally, I have learned how to manage many different kinds of classrooms with students from countries all over the world: Saudi Arabia, El Salvador, South Korea, Indonesia, and others. I have taught young children, teenagers, adults, and teenagers and adults with learning disabilities. I have taught in small classes of approximately 5 students and large classes of over 40 students. I have taught alone and with a counterpart. Truth be told, I have taught in nearly every teaching context imaginable. And personally, I have held on tight to my idealism and never let go. I love being a TEFL instructor, I love English, and I love the challenge and adventure that come with living in a new place under difficult conditions. I hope that the materials I’ve developed for this site help others on their journey as educators.

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