Lead in: How are you Feeling?

Students sit in a half-circle on the floor. Teacher sits in front and lays out different colors of paper. Students choose one color and use it to express how they feel. Options include origami, drawing, or writing.

  • Note – – This is taken from Promoting Social and Emotional Learning: Guidelines for Educators, Chapter 3.

Warmer: Mix and Match.

Teacher passes out a set of Problem/Goal cards. Students walk around the room randomly until the teacher says Freeze! Students look at cards and find their match, then read them aloud. Teacher collects cards, shuffles, and repeats until activity has run its course. The cards I used are here.

Presentation: SMART Goals.

Teacher writes SMART mnemonic on the whiteboard, then pauses so students can copy in their notes. (This needs to go step by step so the students stay together.) Then, teacher writes the words for each letter:


Elicit meanings of the words, and after some guided discussion, have students write them down in their notes. Then, provide students with an example.

Drilling: Send a Problem.

Divide students into pairs. Each pair gets an envelope with a goal on it that they have to develop into a SMART Goal. When they finish, they put their paper into the envelope and switch with another pair. Repeat until pairs have seen every goal.

Controlled Communicative Practice: Goal Statement.

Students now write a Goal Statement for their envelope. An example can be provided from the model SMART Goal the teacher used earlier. Mine was:

I will pay off $5,000 of debt by applying $100 a month and reducing my mobile phone payment so that I can save money toward my future goals in 30 months.

Free Production: Make Your Own SMART Goal.

Students complete Goal-Setting Worksheet. For #1, they brainstorm different goals that they have. These can be relationship or academic goals. Then, they pick one goal and develop it into a SMART Goal for #2. Finally, they write a Goal Statement.

Teacher collects for future reference.



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