Social and Emotional Learning Journal #1: The Great SEL Experiment Begins

Today I taught my first lesson on Social and Emotional Learning. I taught it to a group of kids who have fallen into a bad way. When I first taught the class a year ago, they were bullying another student pretty severely and saying some very dirty and nasty things to me. Since then teachers have been rotating in for a couple of months and then out, basically to maintain their sanity. During a teacher’s meeting we nearly failed the ring leader, but decided instead to try a different tack. We decided to try and actually teach him.

Tim Shriver Group Photo
That’s me, center-back, standing next to Tim Shriver, President Kennedy’s nephew and co-author of the first materials published on Social and Emotional Learning.

The lesson I taught was on goal-setting. Using the SMART method, I had them write out a goal statement for the next 3 months. Seemed like the most logical place to start. Now we have a solid foundation on which to refer back to when they act out.

The Great Social and Emotional Learning Experiment begins! Wish me luck!!

If you have any tips on how to use Social and Emotional Learning in the classroom, please leave a comment. I’m just getting started!

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