Mengheningkan Cipta English Translation

Mengheningkan Cipta is one of the prettiest songs I’ve heard in Indonesia over the past two years.  I hear it just about every Monday morning during the flag ceremony.  When I went to translate it, the words seemed really poetic to me.  So I centered it on the page and changed the line breaks up a little bit and was amazed to see that it does come together quite nicely as a poem.


Dengan seluruh angkasa raya memuji

With the entire sky to praise

 Pahlawan Negara,

The heroes of our country,

 Nan gugur remaja di ribaan

Who fell so young upon


the flag,

 bela Nusa Bangsa.

defending the homeland.

 Kau kucenang wahai bunga Putra Bangsa,

Always remember, O sons of our nation,

 Harga jasa,

the price of service,

 kau cahya pelita,

your light radiates,

 bagi Indonesia,

for Indonesia,



This was the best version I could find on youtube of it.  I personally think it’s best when sung by a choir.



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